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Power News 12 June 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Oni Ehimen   
Monday, 12 June 2017 14:42

Nation p.21 Afam VI output to 350 MW, on transmission constraint

According to the paper, the output from the Shell Petroleum Development Company Limited (SPDC), Joint Venture-owned Afam VI power plant in the Niger Delta region, has dropped by about 40 per cent to 350 megawatts (MW) due  to transmission challenge.

Newsmen reported that the power plant, which has the capacity to generate 650mw, can at most generate 450mw because the transmission infrastructure doesn’t have the capacity to evacuate the entire 650MW. A document obtained by The Nation showed that besides shortage of gas commonly given as major challenge, thermal power plants have transmission facilities at the power plants that are inefficient and cannot wheel the electricity produced by these plants. The document also stated that the reliability of the existing facilities also need improvement, stating that  the SPDC JV’s Afam VI power plant, which has the capacity to generate up to 650MW, only generates between 350-450 MW, most of the time because the power transmission system is unable to evacuate the full output.

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Written by Oni Ehimen   
Tuesday, 23 May 2017 12:10

The interactive Forum was put together by the Market Operator as part of its quarterly activities of Market development. The forum was attended by Market Participants and other stakeholders - Gencos, Discos, Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN), Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trader (NBET), Bureau for Public Enterprise (BPE), Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) and Association of Power Generation Companies (APGC).

Below are the resolutions and suggestions made:

1. Gencos declared that they have the capacity to generate 8,500MW and called for improvement in Transmission and Distribution capacity to

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Liquidity Issues in the Market. Engr. U. Achinnanya PDF Print E-mail
Written by Oni Ehimen   
Thursday, 18 May 2017 12:47

Market liquidity is self-sustaining and can also improve on its own without any external support. Also, the problem of low liquidity can be self-sustaining, in which case individual market participants may have little incentive or capacity to address it. An electricity market is said to have attained a Low-Liquidity Equilibrium (LLE) when it is obvious that liquidity cannot improve from its own internal resources.

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Managing Director/CEO TCN PDF Print E-mail
Written by Public Affairs   
Saturday, 04 March 2017 00:31

TCN Gets an Interim Managing Director/CEO.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has appointed Mr Usman Gur Mohammed as the Interim Managing Director/CEO of the Transmission Company of Nigeria, TCN.

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News Daily on 27th February 2017 PDF Print E-mail
Written by Oni Ehimen   
Wednesday, 01 March 2017 21:17

Off-grid supply, way out of power crisis  The Nation P.28

In an interview with the Nation Newspaper, the former Executive Director of National Independent Power Projects (NIPPs), and the current Executive Vice Chairman of Green Elect, Dr. Albert Okorogu, has urged the Federal Government to provide incentives to investors to harness the alternative energy sector’s potential to boost off-grid power supply. Mr Okorogu suggested that 8,000

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Market Participation Agreement PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 13 February 2017 15:07


Market participation agreement is for applicants who have completed the registration process with the Market Operator. DISCOs and GENCOs are requested to download the document, sign two(2) original copies and return same to the market operator for final signatory.

Market Participation Agreement - DISCOs to download for a Distribution Company

Market Participation Agreement - GENCOs to download for a Generation Company

for further enquiries  please contact us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


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